Thursday, August 9, 2012

Excerpts from an Earth Journal

The following are snippets of the writings of six attendees who attended Kathleen O’Dwyer’s Earth Journal Writing Workshop at the Arboretum in June. Her next writing workshop is scheduled for October 5, 2012.

I could exist here
on this bench
in this magnificent garden
sheltered by an ancient tree canopy.
I could wake each dawn
to the fragrance of the desert earth
its pungent order a reminder
of my connection to all that is nature.
-- Bonnie Papenfuss

The sounds of birds mesmerize me. I feel compelled to listen to their reverberating phrases. Sometimes I wish I were a bird…..As soon as I gave birth to my son, I became a mother bird. I sang to him when I changed his diapers, when we rode in the car, before his nap, and at bedtime.  Some songs were inspired by his toys, while others my mother and grandmother sang to me when I was a child.
--Susan Nagle

The bees were drinking in the refreshing water. They landed and splashed, flew up and said, “That was fun. I’ll do it again, and again – aah yes.” They dipped and jumped, frolicking and playing and splashing with glee.   It did my heart good to share the enjoyment of the bees as they took a short respite from their toils of life. It prompted images of a carefree childhood running through sprinklers, wading through a crystal clear mountain stream, or leaping into a cool, refreshing pond. 
 -- Bernard Kruer

If you are still enough you will see the trees are dancing, Dancing through time and space And the stars are singing While the earth beats its drum.
-- Elizabeth Matson

Ocean waves sucking at my toes
Bee hidden on a rosebud-ouch!
Picking fragrant lilacs for the teacher
Fierce hurricane winds bending trees to the ground Raindrops staccato on the roof
-- Alyce O’Keeley

The Colors of the Rainbow
Red – the red rocks embrace Sedona
Orange – the vast creamsicle sky of an Arizona sunset – pure wonder Yellow – the harbinger gift that bathes the desert with happy Mexican poppies Green – the touch of a barefoot walk on a carpet of dew covered grass Blue – the color of imagination and exploration – provocative Indigo – my blue eyes gaze at the riches, colors and beauty of the natural world Violet – savor the sweet aroma of this tender blossom – the color of royalty.
The creator’s promise:  there is a rainbow in me.
-- Mary Alice Daenzer